Monday, December 31, 2007

Snowboarding Boots

The first item of equipment used for snowboarding that a snowboarder should buy are the snowboarding boots. We will see later how the snowboarding boots you choose will determine the size of the snowboard you go on to buy.

The choice of snowboard boot is critical to your enjoyment of snowboarding. Get the wrong snowboarding boot and your whole snowboarding experience is ruined by pain, discomfort or even injury. Other than the obvious discomfort your choice of snowboard boot can also affect your riding style.

There are three types of snowboard boot: soft boots, hard boots and hybrid boots.

Soft snowboard boots: These are the most comfortable snowboard boots available and generally the most commonly used. They are good for freestyle use, powder use and all round use as they offer comfort, flexibility and a high degree of useability. They are commonly attached to snowboards via a high back or flow in bindings so can be bought seperate to bindings or used with rented boards. This boot is commonly a two layer lace up boot, with a soft liner and hard outer.

Hard snowboard boots: These boots are similar to ski boots. They tend to be rigid with buckles for tightening the boot. The rigidity offered by these snowboard boots allows the boarder a greater degree of precision and control of movement. These snowboard boots are used for alpine boarding and racing. Unlike soft boots, hard snowboard boots require step in bindings similar to ski boots which means your going to have to buy bindings to match your hard boots.

Hybrid snowboard boots: As the name suggests a boot with a mix of characteristics of the two traditional types of snowboard boot. More comfortable than hard boots with greater precision and control than soft boots. Like hard boots, hybrids require matching step in bindings.

Your choice of snowboard boot equipment used for snowboarding will be determined by your level of snowboarding experience, ride style and level of useability you require. For beginners the best option is often the soft snowboard boot, offering comfort and flexibility of use with different rental boards and bindings.

Equipment Used For Snowboarding